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Pre-Order "THE FALL: ALICE AND THE WOLF" Telah Dibuka!

Pembaca yang baik,
Mulai hari ini, 1 Februari 2018 - 31 Mei 2018, pendaftaran pre-order novel pertama saya berjudul THE FALL: ALICE AND THE WOLF resmi dibuka. Sebagai rasa terima kasih pada pembaca yang selalu setia menantikan karya saya di Wattpad, bagi kalian yang mendaftar pre-order ini, akan mendapat Undangan Launching buku pertama saya di Jakarta, pada September 2018. Kalian juga akan mendapatkan Kartu Ucapan Terimakasih yang saya tulis sendiri (dengan tangan tentunya). Jangan lupa cantumkan nama kalian dalam formulir, agar saya bisa menuliskan nama kalian dalam kartu ucapan tersebut.
Undangan dan Kartu Ucapan Terimakasih itu, akan dikirim bersama dengan buku yang sudah kalian pesan. Kalian akan menerima buku tersebut satu bulan sebelum terbit dan dipajang di toko, yaitu bulan Agustus 2018.
Pendaftaran pre-order tidak memungut biaya apa pun.SETELAH MASA PO SELESAI,link pembelian untuk yang sudah mendaftar, akan dikirimkan melalui EMAIL/NO.HP yang sudah kalian cantumkan dalam form,…
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Sound of Their Souls: The Fall

When I write something, I listen to music. Music helps me strengthen the mood of the story. I will list some tracks that inspired me for every story I wrote. Here's some songs that helps me to find the souls of every character in THE FALL.

The Fallen Universe "Story Preview" Now Available on Wattpad

First, some updates...

Songs For You — 2017

I archived this song list from my Instagram, so it won't get in the way of sharing other important things. I prefer to listed here instead. Maybe, if you wanna listen to them yourself. Because they say, "if you wanna know a person, listen to their playlist."

“FOUR WALLS” Only Available on Wattpad for a LIMITED Time

I have no time to translate this message update in Bahasa Indonesia, it is way easier for me to write in English, so bear with me. [—TERJEMAHAN DALAM BAHASA INDONESIA MENYUSUL—]

Four Walls: Interlude

Interlude/noun/ a pause in between the acts of play.
I'll be lying if I told you, Four Walls means nothing for me. To be honest, it is my story, and I've been hiding some truth behind the elements of fiction. This is a confession, and it's a hard one to make. I'm so sorry, because I really need to take a break, unless...I will have a mental breakdown. So, I will be back, soon enough, to continue this story. But I need to rest for a while. Maybe one week or two.
The draft is ready, I've made Chapter 26-Epilogue, but they are written in English. I cannot do the editing nor the translation, if I'm not in a healthy mental state. I hope you guys can understand. I'm not going anywhere, until I finish this story for you. Yes, you. So you can learn from my mistakes, and not take life—or people who loves you—for granted.
Thank you guys. Love always, K.E
PS: sorry, it's in English.. ugh... i know...

The Common Again

And here we are again. I'm making a new blog again.
What is it today? What is it about this time? One might ask.
I don't know. I guess we will find out.